Evie’s Gift

We are proud to be giving back & supporting local charity Evie’s Gift (Registered Charity no 1177460) which was set up by her parents after Evie Clover died on 11th January 2018 from an aggressive brain tumour.  She was just 13 years old.


The Charity works closely with intensive care units and children’s hospitals across the country to support parents whose children are critically ill in hospitals far from home.  The children are receiving the best care that our NHS can provide but the parents are often forgotten. Specialist Children’s Hospitals like The Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol, where Evie was treated and Alder Hey in Liverpool cover large geographic regions and so parents are often a long way from home and family support.  This is where Evie’s Gift makes a difference.  They provide free hotel accommodation close to the hospital so that the parents can rest, sleep and be better prepared to listen to the medical professionals and make informed decisions about their child’s care.  Evie’s parents learned fast that trying to understand complex medical information while sleep-deprived is incredibly difficult.


Those first few days in the hospital are critical and Evie’s Gift wants to give parents the best chance to be there for their child despite all of the worry and stress.  They also make a financial award to help towards food and travel costs.  It is all about reducing stress and anxiety and giving parents one less thing to worry about.

at ethos and we want to be part of its future. Each year, Evie’s Gift supports hundreds of families through some of the toughest times they will encounter; they fulfil a role that no-one else can.  Rightly, there is a mass of help and support for the child, but the parents can be left to fend for themselves sleeping in cars or corridors.  Evie’s Gift meets that need head-on.

You can see more about their work on their website www.eviesgift.org.uk and we would be delighted if you could support them with a donation by following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/eviesgift